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Buffalo Crime Family
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The Buffalo crime family is a long-standing criminal organization based in Western New York. It is considered a part of the Mafia, otherwise known as La Cosa Nostra, the leading criminal organization within the National Crime Syndicate or "The Mob." The Buffalo crime family, also called The Arm, was a dominant underworld power within North America from the 1920s well into the 1980s. Much of the group's history centers around the reign of its most powerful and famous boss, Stefano Magaddino, known to his friends and underworld associates as "Don Stefano" and to the media as "The Undertaker." The Buffalo crime family's base of power has been the City of Buffalo, New York for the last century, but the group has also had criminal interests and satellite groups, or "crews", in other areas, such as Rochester and Utica in upstate New York, eastern Pennsylvania, Youngstown, Ohio, and the southern Ontario cities of Niagara Falls, Hamilton and Toronto.

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